Priyansh Arora

Being Junior Head Boy

My sincere gratitude to all my teachers and Principal Ma’am for allowing me to don the mantle and take the responsibility as the Head Boy of the Junior Wing. The moment I sit down to pen my thoughts as to how the school shaped me, all the memories of the past four years in The Modern School etched in my mind suddenly poured out and nostalgia hit me like a tsunami hits a coast. I feel as if all these memories, some dim, some elusive and some clear tell me that school is so much more than just grades, uniform, discipline and assignments. I am proud of the fact that modern not only caters to academics, but it gives you an exposure to all other activities like art, music, dance, theater and sports, which leads to a holistic development of a child. My exposure during the educational trips has been brilliant and also has helped me in enhancing my knowledge and widening my perspective about various aspects of life which are even outside the realms of books. I represented, The Modern School in multiple competitions which changed my outlook and also allowed me to conquer my fear of group discussion as well as stage performances. I am really thankful to my seniors and teachers who helped me in gaining confidence and removing stage fright. I would also like to share some life lessons which I have learnt from my teachers ▪ Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. So keep moving on and accepting challenges. ▪ Try everything, so that later in your life you do not regret that ‘I could have done that Always try to do some good work like giving food to the needy, helping a specially abled person and stretching out a kind hand to help who needs it the most- ▪ And so on, I assure you, you’ll feel so blessed....and remember that good deeds give sweet fruits for as you sow so you reap. Now, I could definitely say that I enjoyed my years in school to the fullest as they molded me and shaped me to be a good leader. The moment I was elected as the head boy of this prestigious institution which is like an icing on the cake gave me immense pleasure and was a feather to my personality. At last, I would just like to say