Student Speak about Honesty

Asmit Kumar

Honesty, a term we all are well aware of but never think about it. When we think of honesty the first thing which comes in most of our minds is this saying we usually hear from our mothers or teachers “honesty is the best policy”, indeed this is true. But do we ever think about the power of honesty and how honesty could effect or world? If we look around or read our history we would realise that we all want to know the truth but never have the ability to always tell the truth, intact our modern society is based on lies, the lie of a better future the leaders promise us of, the lie of not having a problem, the lie of having a safe society and the lie of our mere existence. In a better way we can describe our society as a big thick web of lies once you enter it you will never set free. Now that we know the ground reality of honesty, let’s imagine what will happen if all human beings become honest, what will happen to our lives? What ill effects will it have on the society ? The world will truly become a utopia with no power to govern it, the only constant among all humans will remain truth , emotion of despair and jingoism. How depressed will we all get when even after our tiring efforts, people will say your work is unsatisfactory and how much criticism will we face on a daily basis. How sad will we get when a peasant realises that his hard earned money is being used by a corrupt leader to avail luxuries, the utopia of truth will suddenly become a hopeless land with rude, hollow yet depressed people. The world will no longer remain a ‘dog eats dog world’ but will become a ‘man tells the truth to another man world’ Sure honesty is the best policy, but for the greater good let’s also appreciate the power of lies, and how with time the saying should be honesty is sometimes the best policy with a terms and conditions applied symbol.