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Save Soil Session

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Posted on April 27, 2022


“Ensuring that our soil is rich and fertile is the key to avoiding ecological disaster. If we destroy our soil, we destroy our lives. The soil under you is dying” – Sadhguru

A session on Save Soil Movement was conducted at The Modern School on 21st April, 2021. 

Save Soil Movement is a global movement  launched by Indian spiritual leader Sadhguru to address land degradation and advocate for healthy soil. The initiative was presented on 5 April at the United Nations in Geneva by the Isha Foundation and supported by the WHO, UN SDG lab, and IUCN.

Soil degradation is the physical, chemical and biological decline of soil quality.

Volunteers from Isha Foundation associated with Save Soil Movement apprised the students about soil degradation and desertification. They explained the students about the importance of saving soil as soil is dying. They explained the role of students in this movement. They asked the students to be ‘earth buddy’ by writing a letter to Honorable Prime Minister insisting to frame some policies for saving the soil.

Volunteers showed them a video wherein the role of every child was explained. 

Volunteers and students danced to the save soil song. The session was informative and energetic. 

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