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Easter Day Celebration

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Posted on April 13, 2022


Easter is the most important festival for followers of Christ as their faith is based on the resurrection of Christ. It is a reminder of the sacrifices Jesus made for humanity. And to mark this day, The Modern School, Faridabad celebrated the day with great pomp and grandeur in the school's amphitheatre, wherein the students presented the teachings and lessons through their skit with the offering of prayer to Lord Jesus followed by a dance performance on giving message of Lord Jesus-The Saviour. 
Moreover, to delineate the objective of integrity, teachings of Mahavir Ji were also illuminated among students through the various messages during assembly. The assembly theme was kept as 'Hope' with the motive of making the day conducive and spreading the thought to remain positive and hold the attitude of never giving up on our 'hopes' at every step. The idea of embracing the assembly on this day was to signify the victory of good over evil and boost children's morals so as not to lose hope in their lives. The assembly concluded with the principal's message to have hope and behold it with optimism.

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