Inter House Cricket Match

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Posted on November 16, 2019


The importance of sports encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. It helps in enhancing self-esteem and mental alertness among students. Also, it teaches punctuality, discipline and teamwork.
Keeping this in mind, The Modern School, Faridabad organized an Inter House Cricket Match for the students of classes P3-P5.
The matches were played amongst the three Houses-Kanchenjunga, Nilgiris, and Everest. The final match was played between the students of Kanchenjunga and Nilgiris House on. The enthusiastic crowd experienced a thrilling performance with the two teams exhibiting their best. The final match exhibited sportsmanship from both the team with victory falling into the lap of Nilgiris house. While the winners were cheered, the efforts of the runners up were equally appreciated, both the teams presented an impressive show. 

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