Webinar on Cyber Addiction

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Webinar on Cyber Addiction

‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’.

COVID 19 is teaching us new things every day or using the present technology in a brand new way. On May 29 , 2020, The Modern School, Faridabad organized a Webinar on ‘Cyber Addiction’.Three students, Khyati Chandan and Aditya Sharma of S6 and Krishn Jeetanshu of S4 presented this one hour webinar. The opinions, thoughts, and suggestions of the presenters were very well taken by the audience. Students of Classes S3 and above were a part of it.

The Webinar commenced with an introduction by Khyati Chandan, followed by the discussion of two case studies prepared by the students which focused on the causes, aftermath, and solution to Cyber Addiction. All the parameters were explained thoroughly by the students to the students which gave more clarity to the topic. It was concluded with a Q/A session.

Conducting this Webinar was a a great learning experience for the students and we hope it gave some insight to the audience as well.

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