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Interact Club

Interact Club brings together young people by developing leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. The Modern School, Faridabad Interact Club has taken numerous actions to make a difference in school and community by undertaking umpteenth projects; Each one - teach one, Sanitary pads distribution, Diwali Stalls, Happiness Box, Plantation Drive, Blood Donation Drive, Rakhi Celebration, International Programmes and much more. The club also won the Best Interact Club award 2022-23 and hopes to bring more laurels in the following months and years.


Economics Club, Arth Manthan is an interest -based club to impart and extend knowledge about basic concepts of Economics and its applications in real life. The purpose of the club is to create awareness and inquisitiveness among students and its members about basic concepts of Economics. The club conducts various activities like factory visit, workshops and donation drives by earning money through the same. The aim is to make students well-equipped with current affairs and ability to work and communicate effectively in their respective fields.

MUN-Model United Nations

NITIGYA, the MUN Club runs throughout the country with the goals of understanding about the United Nations, about world issues and promoting peace through cooperation and diplomacy. Our school has done a dedicated attempt towards grooming future citizens of the world with values of empathy, tolerance and fraternity. We aim to develop 21st century skills in students like research, analysis, problem solving, public speaking, leadership etc. Student engagement in this club ensures holistic development of a student.


The Rangmanch Club intends to familiarise students to develop aesthetic awareness, appreciation, knowledge & skills which are necessary for the expression of art through the form of Drama. It develops amongst the student’s necessary skills in communication, interpersonal relationships, teamwork and problem solving through various forms of drama.

Master Chef

Little creativity sprinkled with love is an act of joy. It is an emotion plated with exquisiteness of culture and experiences of the land. Our chefs learn:- to present with love, spice it up with patience, dressing tables with perfect cutlery and get acquainted with etiquette, cultural, awareness and most important-spoiling and making up together. Get ready to season the brains with essential elements of nutrition.


Sciencesation is an educational club to encourage a child's curiosity and interest in science. The purpose of the club is to inculcate in every child that Science is not just confined to textbooks. It is all around us. This club has a variety of engaging activities and experiments to explore through hands-on experiments and projects that promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills and scientific inquiry. We cover topics related to environmental science and other branches of science using age-appropriate activities to make learning fun and accessible. Through this, students will have an opportunity to develop their scientific skills, work together in a collaborative and supportive environment, building their confidence and creativity in science.

Speech Weavers

The Speech Weavers Club would focus on enhancing the communication skills (verbal and written) of the students. It would be achieved by giving them opportunities to debate, deliver speech, conduct a program, extempore etc. The club would also focus on introducing the students to Indian and International Poets / Authors to broaden their awareness level.

Cyber Smart

The Cyber Smart Club has been constituted with the motive to build confidence, enhance technical skills of the students and motivate them for participation in various activities conducted by school. It provides students a platform where they gain knowledge about anatomy of the computers and share their knowledge on current trends in Information Technology. It enhances their technical and presentation skills. Students are being prepared for competitive world through various activities like Exhibition, Quiz, Coding, Presentation, Video making, Web designing etc. Also, this club develops their programming skills with an exposure to different kinds of softwares and platforms.

Strokes and Stitches

An Art-based Club that emphasis on creativity and innovation. Fashion design is the art of applying fashion, imagination and natural beauty to costumes and lifestyle accessories. This club focuses on introducing students to the basics of Fashion designing like - how to visualize, conceptualize and design a dress / garment / accessories for Men/Women. This club will also teach the students about textiles and its type and how we can use different textiles or any other medium to create outfits (traditional and western). Knowledge and understanding of textile enables students to have a better understanding about the possibilities of using textile for various purposes. Problem solving, knowledge of texture, patterns, dyes and yarns and understanding of colour, shape and form are some of the skills which are instilled through this club.


Nrityanjali Club is an effort to explore the expressions and moods of students through movements. It shall give a choice to students to learn dance forms in two categories namely Indian dance style including pure and classical, folk and Western styles including Hip-Hop and Contemporary. It is a session to explore the expressions and moods of students through movements from various dance forms including Indian classical dance and western styles. This will help students to know their own and outer world culture.The main aim is to enhance skills of Nritya and Nritta in a graceful manner through dance moves.

Magical Hands

Art and Crafts Club comprise a host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one’s own hands and skills. Art and crafts is usually a hobby. Hands on activities give kids a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence. Making art is a great, safe way to discover that it’s okay to make mistake and that getting things ‘wrong’ can lead you to a whole new idea. It allows kids to develop their creativity, which is important throughout their lives. By doing something creative, you allow for self- expression and this lead kids to express themselves. It also fosters mental growth by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem solving.


To tap the power of music, the Melisma has been initiated to teach students singing and playing any instrument of their choice. The goal of the club is to prepare students for individual or team participation. Since music enhances the self expression, this club will boost the confidence and improve concentration, creativity and enrich their lives.

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