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The Modern School Sector 85, Greater Faridabad emphasises on providing students with a complete education that intersperses a variety of extracurricular activities with traditional classroom instruction. We keep up with the times by embracing innovative teaching methods and technological advancements. We begin by introducing fundamental knowledge and education to students that is required to be educated citizens. Learners are provided with the best ideas and aids in cultivating an appreciation of human ingenuity and accomplishment.

Moral education serves as the foundation for our school's principles, and our students' interactions with their peers and other faculty train them towards civic awareness. To improve the learning experience for our students, we provide a wide variety of after-school programmes. The goal of The Modern School Sector 85, Greater Faridabad is to help students' emotional well-being by teaching them life skills and wellness techniques. We strive to focus on the personal development of students and encourage curiosity toward learning.


The Pre-Primary section of a school represents the most important stages in the development of a child. At the pre-primary level, the aim is:

  • To create a home away from home where learning is fun
  • Child-centred innovative approach.
  • Flexibility of the curriculum helps the teacher to begin with the child’s area of strength.
  • Simple yet interesting activities are incorporated into the daily routine to enhance creativity.
  • Story narration, rhymes, songs, sketching and colouring encourage creative thinking and help to make the child confident.
  • Frequent use of audio-visual aids makes learning fun for the tiny tots.

Primary Curriculum

Primary Curriculum is designed to lead the children through a learner centred approach. The aim is to provide a balanced and coherent program of learning in a child friendly environment. We believe that if a child cannot learn the way we teach, we should teach them the way they learn. The children’s social, cognitive, emotional, motor and communicational skills are enhanced through various methodologies and pedagogies like experiential activities, role play method, show and tell, learning through smart classes etc.

Middle and Senior

For Middle and Senior classes, the curriculum is based on the guidelines given by the NCERT and the Directorate of Education in Grades VI-VIII and IX-X respectively.

Subjects Offered

  • Grades I to V
    English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Value Education, General Knowledge, Computers
  • Grade VI to X
    English, Hindi, Sanskrit / French / German , Mathematics, Science ( Physics, Biology, Chemistry), Computers and Social Science
  • Grade XI to XII

    Physics/Accounts/Political Science


    Chemistry/Business Studies/History


    Physical Education/Computer/Fine Arts/Psychology/Legal Studies/Applied Maths

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