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The Modern School Faridabad goes beyond the traditional convention of bookish knowledge and promotes the total development of its students through extra-curricular activities. We have a diverse range of co-curricular activities to give all our students an opportunity to broaden their interests, nurture creativity and cultivate new passions. Education also involves growing up to become responsible citizens of society, so we have co-curricular activities that encourage community service. Students learn the importance of giving back to society through their actions and we sow the seeds of kindness, respect and responsibility among every growing mind.

Our Extra-Curricular department has a wide array of activities and clubs that pose great opportunities for students to learn and discover new talents. Other than the regular assembly meets, we have dedicated clubs to science, tech, music, sports, drama, dance and theatre that touch upon these activities in much detail. Students can explore their creative side, build a sense of curiosity and have fun as they uncover their own potential.

At Modern School Faridabad, we believe in preparing students for the real world, that expect excellence in multi-disciplines. By actively participating in extra-curricular activities and sports, we encourage students to grow beyond the realm of textbooks. Creativity, leadership, problem-solving, comprehension and sensitivity skills are the focus of all our activities. We host competitions to strengthen our endeavour of raising competent and confident individuals. With a consistent emphasis on participating in extra-curricular activities, the students of Modern School Faridabad cultivate their creative tendencies with an interactive curriculum.

To effectively balance academics and extracurricular activities, The Modern School Faridabad has designated activity clubs. Students can enrol to discover new methods of self-expression via arts or sports. Some of the prominent clubs in our school include the MUN (Model United Nations), Sciensation (Science and Environment), Music Club, Peace Club, Theater, Dance, and Economic Society. We cover different niches to provide an enriching experience to explore hidden talents as well as uncover one’s capabilities.

Our club activities give a wider perspective to students on our culture and traditions. For ex: in our music club, students learn songs from other sections of the country and abroad. There are detailed discussions about music styles, language, and understanding of music differently.

Through these clubs, students get the opportunities to participate in social activities within and outside the classroom, allowing them to strengthen their communication, develop unity and work towards the same goals. Club activities foster togetherness and give the perfect environment to understand societal principles.

The idea of house structure is another way to build a sense of community and togetherness among kids in their early years. The Modern School Faridabad has divided students among four houses – Nilgiris, Kanchenjunga, Everest and Himalayas. There are different activities and competitions held throughout the academic year for students to display their talents. Students rejoice over their achievements in their respective houses and it develops a sense of belongingness in the school.


The Modern School Faridabad's morning assemblies are a crucial start to beginning each day with knowledge. With lessons of value education and a chance to hone public speaking abilities, our assemblies are a learning opportunity. We frequently feature a variety of well-known personalities, celebrate festive days and events and learn about interesting topics. The assembly allows every child to start their day off feeling refreshed by meditating quietly. Exciting performances are put out to celebrate India's vibrant traditions with zeal and curiosity.

S.U.P.W.- (Socially useful productive work)

At Modern School Faridabad, we recognise the importance of social credits for getting placement in good colleges for higher education. Preparing our students for the future, academically we have the SUPW component, that encourages every child to take up creative activities and indulge in productive tasks. We have Clay Modelling, Go Green initiatives, Art, Zumba, Best out of Waste, Master Chef, Tech Toon (computers) and Vibgyor (sketching and painting). Through these creative mediums of expression, we enhance a child’s personality, preparing them for the future. It not only improves their joy of learning but also crafts their skills for the comprehensive world of employment. We train them in different aspects and this practical knowledge boosts their productivity for the future.

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