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About The School

The Modern School Sector 85, Greater Faridabad established in the year 2016, is a branch of the Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. Carrying behind a 100-year-old rich legacy of providing high-quality education, we strive towards the same commitment. We do not emphasize marks alone to shape successful human beings, but good values, critical thinking, and the ability to envision making this world a better place will make our students responsible future citizens. We undertake a holistic approach to nurturing students into educated individuals addressing every pupil’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical, artistic and spiritual development.

The Modern School Sector 85, Greater Faridabad strives toward academic excellence while also encouraging students to think independently and value learning for the betterment of their future. We wish to create individuals who are articulate, humane, respectful, kind and fearless to face challenges. We equip all our students with value-based learning, life skills and discipline to make them successful achievers in whatever field they choose.

A solid foundation in the formative years forms the backbone of a child’s overall development. Our school believes that education is a lifelong process of acquiring and sharing knowledge but it cannot be limited just to classrooms. We encourage active participation in co-curricular activities that will help fuel interests and develop the character of students. With an experienced faculty and teachers, we diligently work to help every individual realize their potential. Your child will grow up to be a better human being when learning within an environment of positivity and inclusivity.

Our Facilities

The Modern School Sector 85, Greater Faridabad has a highly-equipped campus to facilitate the holistic growth of our students, beyond the classrooms. Keeping up with modern technology via digital classrooms, subject-wise laboratories, studio rooms, canteen, sports complexes and other amenities, we are equipped to make learning fun and engaging.

Sporting Complexes and Playgrounds

The Modern School Faridabad offers special sporting facilities to facilitate each child's holistic development. The school offers the most modern equipment for all sports to support a child's social, physical, and emotional development.


The school’s canteen serves a variety of good, nutrient-dense meals made with fresh ingredients.

School Campus

The classrooms of The Modern School Faridabad are ergonomically constructed for learning. There are Wi-Fi access points accessible to give wireless connectivity around the campus.

School Reception

The warm atmosphere of the reception area of Modern School Faridabad strives to convey the character and culture of the institution.

Sports Room

The sports room offers specialized coaching to children. It constantly attempts to motivate and push its students to participate actively in different games and sports.

Science Laboratories

Modern laboratories at the school adhere to all safety and educational requirements. It provides the children with the chance to be inquisitive and enables them to discover a world outside of books.

Computer Lab

Modern School, Faridabad's computer laboratories are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment to facilitate tech-based learning.

Laboratory of Mathematics

The Mathematics Lab was specifically created to provide students with the opportunity to investigate math concepts. It aids in the verification of mathematical theorems using several instructional techniques.

Dance Studio & Music Room

The music and dance studio at Modern School Faridabad offers a variety of training in both Western and Indian dance forms.


The school operates a specialized network of buses that are well-maintained and equipped with the required safety and security measures.
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Medical Facility

The school's medical room is well-equipped and offers staff and kids emergency treatment and first aid.

Art Room

The Art Room has a designated workspace intended to instil ideas and motivate children to work with different mediums for artistic expression.

Smart Classroom

Smart classrooms are available to students at The Modern School Faridabad, aiding in their quick grasping of knowledge.

Counseling Services

The Modern School Faridabad has a specialist Therapy Center where students may receive counselling. The program allows students to discuss their issues with academic, social, emotional, and behavioural problems.

Parent's Portal

The school enables parents to keep a track of their child's performance and evaluate learning outcomes in order to bring the best of thier student journey.

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