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Dr. U.K. Chhikara

Nelson Mandela quotes,
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

We at Modern, believe that education is one of the most fundamental elements of a modern society. It enables us with avenues for identifying and articulating our unique perspectives. The Modern School Faridabad aims to provide children with an atmosphere in which they may expand their wings and soar without limits, while maintaining a strong cultural foundation. We do this by not only fostering talent, but also by teaching fundamental qualities that will help students become exceptional academically, physically and psychologically.

Our team of educators makes the learning process engaging by using interactive techniques such as project-based learning, the application of design-thinking and blended learning etc. Our goal is to nurture a child's all round development. We prioritise the physical well-being of children where sports plays a vital role in teaching students leadership, perseverance and coordination.

The Modern School Faridabad, cultivates the virtues of discipline, self-confidence and a positive frame of mind, acting as a backbone for our students in all their life endeavours. We also work on their shortcomings, perfecting them until they attain success and growth. We strive with the spirit of "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE," i.e., leading by example in order to offer top-notch education and advance world development.

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