Beyond Academics

Modern Early Years, Charmwood

In addition to the core curriculum and meeting educational standards, we believe in promoting students’ physical, social and mental health to encourage their sense of presence, build resiliency and develop their moral compasses. The design and delivery of their holistic approach is taken care in many different ways at campus.

Sport activity

Sports Activities

Sports activities are the major part of our curriculum. We pay a lot of emphasis on the physical development and mental growth of the child. Children get the exposure to skating, taekwondo, Mini Football, Fun games and time to time yoga training for the physical well being. Numerous puzzles and mind games are incorporated with their subject activities for children to develop their mental skills too. We offer different sports to our students over the week by the qualified coaches.

They include:-
Skating Monday & Tuesday
Mini Football Wednesday
Fun Games, Mini Gym & Yoga Thursday
Taekwondo Friday


Our class assemblies serve as a place not only for developing confidence but also to develop interpersonal and public speaking skills. They are structured to present a talk, news, thought and a talent by a child, where it is ensured that each child gets an opportunity to present. Assemblies build confidence and experiences that go a long way towards learning about values, religion, festivals, special days, songs and much more. Special assemblies are planned to educate students with important days and festivals where the emphasis is given to educate them about that day in every possible manner.
circle time

Circle Time

At our campus, we start each day with circle time activity with our children where they get an opportunity to interact and express their heart out with their peer group. It also provides the platform to practice social and interpersonal skills, where they build the attention span and learn to listen, to speak, to share and to care about each other as an important member of one group.
nature walk

Nature Walk

We provide our students with an important activity as Nature walk to get friendly with environment and know more about it. They enjoy a wide array of activities outdoors to develop a strong social and environmental consciousness and make use of the areas outside of each classroom as an extension. The outdoor learning is healthier, develops better motor skills, easier to concentrate, play more and helps to improve the cognitive ability. They enjoy learning, have richer imagination, develop their independence, get stimulated towards social interaction and play more creative games which promote both teamwork and language development.
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