Lohri celebration

Category : Festival | Sub Category : Lohri Posted on 2020-01-13 22:49:55

Lohri celebration

Lohri, the harvest festival of Punjab, was celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm in the school premises on the 14th of January. The mood on the campus was upbeat and everyone were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of 'Lohri'.

A special gathering was organized, that was total fun. The special Lohri- Loh or fire was ignited symbolizing the light of righteousness. The teachers offered Phulle (popcorns) and Moogphali(peanuts) to it while encircling and performed gidha, the folk dance of Punjab and also danced on various famous songs.

Addressing the gathering, the Principal, emphasized that Lohri festival prompts people to be thankful for Gods provision and also encouraged teachers to play a vital role to keep the tradition and culture alive in our festivities.

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