Letter X

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Letter X

“Children learn as they play

Most importantly in play,

Children learn how to learn”.

Letter recognition is a key step in a child's ability to learn to read and write. As children play with letter manipulative, they are gaining knowledge about the letters they interact with. They can see the difference between 'X' and 'V,' and they can also feel it. Recognition of letters is a fundamental part of learning how to read. Without it, children struggle learning letter sounds and recognizing words.

On September 07, 2021, students of Grade Nursery were introduced to letter X and its sound, where they were shown a PPT related to the same.

Recognition of letter X was done by showing them the letter with the help of fingers, crayons and Lego blocks since through play way technique students can easily register anything in their mind.

The process of learning by doing takes place through action. The brain is stimulated in multiple areas through practical learning experiences. Through hands-on activities, children are encouraged to learn through exploration. Hands-on learning develops thinking skills. The senses are engaged through physical participation in learning. Through their five senses, children develop an understanding of their world and engage with different learning styles. 

The students did hand X- ray craft of letter X activity, where they traced their own hand with crayon on the sheet and then they pasted ear buds in the fingers and wrist to give final effect. Such activities enhance their imagination and make them perfectionists in their task. 

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