Back to School

Category : Activity | Sub Category : Activity Posted on 2021-02-11 02:25:14

Back to School

In the year 2020 an entire generation has seen its education interrupted. The reason- COVID. This has caused immeasurable disruption to the lives, learning and wellbeing of children around the world. 


 As the ray of hope amidst all this, the COVID-19 vaccine, shines, the hope of coming back to the physical classroom, strengthens. The school has opened its doors to offline classes, strictly adhering to all the SOPs and protocols advised by the CBSE.

It was not a normal day when the school started. The Modern School witnessed what was longed from a very long timeā€¦.the beaming faces of our children of Grades X and XI. The children looked ecstatic being in the premises and the physical classroom. 

Sending the children to school was strictly on consent basis but those who were still at home did not have to suffer as the teachers made enormous pedagogical changes to meet the needs of both the online and offline students. New improved AV setup to ensure smooth classes was installed. 
It was new. It was exciting and it was successful. We, at The Modern School are confident about having smooth and guidelines-adhered offline classes in the near future.

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