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"Every great project begins with a dream. The dreamer becomes obsessed with his dream and pursues it relentlessly. He inspires his relatives and friends to join him in making his dream a reality. This book is about one such dreamer, Raghubir Singh and his dream of setting up an institution combining the best of the ancient tradition with the needs of the future. He spent his entire lifetime in the fulfillment of this dream which materialised into the Modern School."

- A Dream Turns Seventy Five', Khushwant Singh & Syeda S. Hamed.

Modern School Barakhamba Road

The vision of the foundation of Modern school Barakhamba road is based on unique imagination and resourcefulness. Sports and co-curricular activities are given top priority in the curriculum, alongside academics, to stimulate overall growth. Modern school Barakhamba road aims to transform mirrors into windows, which is precisely what we aim to do at Modern School Faridabad.

Modern School ECNCR

The Modern School ECNCR is one of the most renowned branches of the modern school society. Adhering with the CBSE curriculum, they strive to develop a child's overall personality. Spread across a campus of 11.25 acres, the school is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and also offers boarding facility.

Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School

Founded in 1961, Raghubir Singh Junior Modern School believes in allowing students to internalize essential moral concepts and cultural traditions while offering a sound academic foundation. International tours and immersion programs with respected colleges overseas can help students study, discover, and widen their global perspective, preparing them to become compassionate lifelong learners.

Modern School, Vasant Vihar

Vasant Vihar Modern School believes a close relationship between the physical, mental, and moral realms is essential for a sound educational system. The School aims to focus equally on academics, sports, and extracurricular activities to build well-rounded persons. Vasant Vihar modern school assists children in obtaining admission to the college of their dreams, beginning in high school. They suggest suitable recreational tasks concerning students' interests, such as volunteering, fellowships, summer school, and research programs.

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