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1. Inclusive learning Approach

TMS is an inclusive school equipped with resources to support the teaching learning process in order to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Enrolment Procedure: Evaluation is done on the basis of observation which assesses various domains of academic, behavioral, socio emotional needs of the child.

Specialized Curriculum: Specialized Curriculum is designed to develop various skills of CWSN to ensure optimum growth and development of the child.

We adopt various approaches such as:

In Class Support: The child is assisted to complete his notebook work to ensure active participation in the class. Moreover, sensitisation of class students are too built keeping in mind social skills of the child.

Pull out Sessions: One on one assistance is provided to the child as per the needs of the learner so that child adapts well to the curriculum of the class and individualized aids are used to assist the process of learning.

Modified Curriculum: The instructor modifies the curriculum as per the needs and progress of the child. The assessment process is modified according to the performance of the child. As the child progresses gradually, he or she is recommended for a phased transition to mainstream learning.

2. Personality Development Programs (PDP):

TMS strongly believes in nurturing the personality of the child. PDP programs are held across the year. Critical thinking skills are important to develop in the child from the foundational years. Public speaking programs are the part of formative assessment; each and every child is provided with equal opportunities to develop their social skills and language development through role plays and active participation in school assemblies.

3. Value Based Learning:

Education is not limiting oneself to books and marks. TMS believes in generating curiosity among the learners and thirst for knowledge should be the basic motive of the child. Our educators are always eager to respond to the naive as well as informative questions and love to appreciate them for thinking out of the box.
Values and education are inextricable part of one's life since the times of gurukul, Bringing forward the same culture we believe in inculcating and building our rich heritage of respect, empathy and kindness.
The system of our school facilitates openness to expression of thoughts to overcome social , emotional and psychological barriers to learning.
We assess the emotional well being of our students , with this view regular counselling sessions and workshops are being held so that optimum utilization of individual potential can be achieved. We work closely with parents and community organizations to provide support to our young learners.

Need of 21st century: The learners are actively engaged in tasks that helps them to build skills such as problem solving and decision making, they are always ready to take responsibility tasks without any hesitation which will help them to embrace the world more confidently and deal with the situations effectively.

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