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May 23, 2024

Category - Events

Personal Hygiene for the support staff

The Interact Club, sponsored by Rotary Club of Delhi at The Modern School, Sector-85, Greater Faridabad, organized a commendable event centered on the distribution of sanitary pads and an informative session on personal hygiene for the support staff. Students diligently distributed sanitary pads to the staff members, ensuring access to essential hygiene products. Following the distribution, a quick yet impactful session was conducted to raise awareness about personal hygiene practices, including menstrual health and sanitation. The event was met with appreciation from the support staff, highlighting its significance in promoting health and well-being within the school community. This initiative reflects the Interact Club's dedication to serving the community and fostering a culture of compassion and inclusivity. It sets a positive precedent for future endeavors aimed at addressing the needs of the school community and promoting social responsibility among its members.

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