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May 23, 2024

Category - Events

World Bank Session

A session for Modern School students was organized at Modern School, Barakhamba, New Delhi on the  topic - South Asia: The Potential for Regional Cooperation and Growth’. The eminent speaker for the  session was Ms. Mandakini Kaul, Regional Coordinator, South Asia Regional Integration and Engagement,  World Bank.  

Humanities and Commerce students of The Modern School, Sector 85, Greater Faridabad attended the  session. Exposer to such sessions gives an experience of the international issues which surround us today and of which our future citizens need to be aware.  

The speaker gave an astute session on ‘Good Neighbours’ covering bilateral and multi-lateral issues  obstructing cooperation in the development of the South Asian Region. Our students were introduced to the  complexities in the way of the Indian subcontinent’s aspiration to beat the developed parts of the world in  the race for economic growth. They were made to realize that regional integration in South Asia is the key to increased cooperation, which has been missing since now, and agencies like the World Bank are trying to  open all possible avenues to achieve this seemingly impossible goal. It is not easy to bring these 1.9 billion  individuals together, but the hope is not lost yet.  

Students saw how regional integration in Europe and Asian Pacific regions has achieved a tremendous boost  to the growth in these regions. They were made aware of the commonalities amongst the nations in the  South Asian region which can help to enhance political dialogue between the governments for economic  integration. The students were awed by the possibilities presented in the session and had set their minds on thinking and problem-solving from a new perspective.  

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