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August 30, 2022

Category - Events

Everest house

The colour red signifies life, health, vigour, war, courage, and religious fervor. It carries a message of affection and ambition as it uplifts the soul and injects zeal and zest in our bodies and minds. With this in mind, students of Everest House participated in the event on the theme 'Abhimanyu', a character from the Mahabharata era. The motive behind this theme was to present the message that life is a chakravyuha and we are all like Abhimanyu. We know the way to get inside the Chakravyuh, but don’t know the way to leave.

The programme started upon the arrival of the Chief Guest, Ms. Nidhi Mehra, Principal of The Champs School. The proceedings began with lamp lighting ceremony followed by the House Song and welcome speech by The House Mistress, Ms. Ritika Kant who spirited the endeavours of the students who brought the laurels to the house in many fields by participating in numerous competitions.

Ms. Nitu Blest, Principal, The Modern School, Faridabad delivered her speech and shared her enlightening words with the gathering by taking the examples of Abhimamyu's valor, intelligence and courage.

Programme was carried forward with the house report followed by the theatrical performance on the theme of the event 'Abhimanyu', which was beautifully presented and enthralled the audience.

The programme was concluded with the group photograph followed by inspiring speech delivered by the Chief Guest, Ms Nidhi Mehra, who urged the students to do their best and bring honour to the school, their family and the country along with delivering of the vote of thanks by Junior House Mistress, Ms. Prarthna Rajput, who motivated the house students to take part in each and every event and competition with even more perseverance, dynamism, enthusiasm and team spirit.

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