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June 06, 2021

Category - Events

Environment Day

Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have a better future.”

Environment Day, also known as Eco Day, is celebrated on June 5 every year .This day was created by United Nations in 1974 to create awareness regarding the need to protect our surroundings. Over the years in the name of technology, man has been destroying Mother Nature and impact of technology on the environment has been highly negative. It is, therefore, imperative to rebuild our relationship with nature. 
To make our students also aware of the importance of maintaining balance in our environment, various activities were conducted. Students of Grades P1-P2, made a bird feeder out of waste materials and the students of Grades P3-P4 made a utility bag, skillfully crafted out of an old T-shirt. Speeches, debates and group discussions conducted in Grades P5- S7 expressed the dire state of our ailing planet and the immediate need to protect it. Along with academics, The Modern School believes in inculcating in its pupils, values which are very important in shaping them into responsible and aware citizens and activities like these help in achieving this goal.

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