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Interact Club

This club brings young people together by developing leadership skills while discovering the power of service above self. Club has taken numerous actions to make a difference in school and community by undertaking umpteenth projects. The club also won the Best Interact Club award in 2022–23 and hopes to bring more laurels in the following months and years.


Economics Club, Arthmanthan, is an interest-based club to impart and extend knowledge about basic concepts of Economics and their applications in real life. The aim is to make students well-equipped with current affairs and the ability to work and communicate effectively in their respective fields.


NITIGYA, the MUN Club, runs throughout the country with the goals of understanding the United Nations, world issues, and promoting peace through cooperation and diplomacy. We aim to develop 21st century skills in students like research, analysis, problem solving, public speaking, leadership, etc.


The club intends to familiarize students with how to develop aesthetic awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and skills that are necessary for the expression of art through the form of drama. It develops among the students’ necessary skills in communication, interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and problem solving through various forms of drama.

Master Chef

A little creativity sprinkled with love is an act of joy. It is an emotion plated with exquisiteness of culture and experiences of the land. Our chef’s will inculcate skills : to present with love, spice it up with patience, dress our tables with the perfect ingredients of cutlery, and get acquainted with etiquette, culture, awareness, and most importantly, spooning and making up together. Yes-Teamwork.


Sciencesation is an educational club to encourage a child's curiosity and interest in science. The purpose of the club is to instill in every child that science is not just confined to textbooks. It is all around us. Our aim is to develop their scientific skills by working together in a collaborative and supportive environment.

Speech Weavers

This club would focus on enhancing the communication skills (verbal and written) of the students, which would be achieved by participating in debate, delivering speeches, conducting a program, extempore, etc. The club would also focus on introducing the students to Indian and international poets and authors to broaden their awareness level.

Cyber Smart

The Cyber Smart provides students with a platform to gain knowledge about the anatomy of computers and current trends in information technology. It aims to build confidence, enhance technical skills, and motivate them to participate in various activities by providing exposure to different kinds of software and platforms.

Strokes and Stitches

An art-based subject that emphasizes creativity and innovation. This club focuses on introducing students to the basics of fashion design and textiles by instilling skills like problem solving, knowledge of texture, patterns, dyes, and understanding of color and shape.


It is an effort to explore the expressions and moods of students through movements from various dance forms, including Indian classical dance and western styles. This will help students to know their own and outer-world cultures. The aim is to enhance the skills of Nritya and Nritta in a graceful manner through dance moves.

Magical Hands

Art and crafts comprise a host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one’s own hands and skills. It allows kids to develop their creativity, which is important throughout their lives. It aims to foster mental growth by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking, and problem solving.


Music has the power to inspire and uplift us. Music can enrich your life by enhancing language and literacy skills and providing a sense of community and social connection. Learning an instrument or singing can improve coordination, memory, and concentration, as well as boost creativity and self-expression.

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