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School activities have an important influence on a child’s development. Extracurricular activities are a critical component of a student’s life. Best CBSE Schools carry out activities in conjunction with academic courses to improve school learning. These activities instill positive teamwork attitudes and socially appropriate values such as self-sufficiency, labour pride, compassion, teamwork, empathy, and supportiveness.

Extracurricular activities might take place within or outside of the classroom. Not only that, but they’re part of a non-academic curriculum that helps pupils develop various aspects of their personalities. These activities are intended to supplement the academic curriculum. They are organised and balanced to help pupils learn by doing things other than the traditional disciplines. Above all, co-curricular activities aid students in learning through participation in activities.

The Modern School Faridabad has implemented numerous activities for its students, like athletics, music, art and crafts, performance arts, writing, photography, and so on, following CBSE affiliated school’s new education policy. This is just to assist students in developing several vital skills such as problem-solving, communication, reasoning, critical thinking, and collaborative ability. Involvement in such events will aid in the emotional growth of pupils as well as the development of social skills and overall personality.


February 01, 2023

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